Permission to export medical goods of the 2nd category

About us

Ucovid is a subsidiary of Guangdong Red Planet Import & Export Trading Ltd. specially designated to help to tackle the current world crisis related to COVID-19. We supply the highest quality CE & FDA certified medical protective products. We provide fast, reliable and transparent export services of medical products with own logistics solutions excluding any interaction with intermediaries. The company is certified and owns an export license for all medical products.

We have experienced and knowledgeable people who will work with you every step of the way to ensure you will get good quality products.

Our unique combination of product and market knowledge, manufacturing capabilities, operational excellence and strong logistic support has positioned us to be the medical product manufacturing and shipping reliable partner.

We are ready to provide world wide safety with you.

Our Buying Guide

We provide a smooth and transparent buying experience to all our customers worldwide.

Step 1 (KYC)

Appeal in UCOVID by any means of communication.

At this stage we launch (KYC) procedure and prepare primary questions.

Step 2 (Request)

Obtaining a specification or detailed inquiry.

Detailing the inquiry and formalizing of all nuances for making out personalized КП.

Step 3 (Updating)

Updating an information regarding stock or production time with manufacturer.

Updating the logistics component.

Step 4 (Condition of payment)

Signing of a contract and invoicing account on payment.

Variability and flexibility in the construction of financial schemes.

Step 5 (QC)

Visit of a company specialist for pre shipment inspection.

Preparation of a quality control report.

Step 6 (Shipment)

Shipment to the recipient in case of delivery on prepayment and full settlement.

Shipment of consignment to the agent in case delay of payment.

Frequently Asked Questions

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